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    I have been told that I snore
    I am told I stop breathing or hold my breath when asleep
    I am still tired in the morning, even though I slept through the night
    I have trouble controlling my weight
    I sweat excessively during the night
    I have noticed my heart beating irregularly or pounding during the night
    I get morning headaches
    I have trouble sleeping when I have a cold
    I am overweight
    I have high blood pressure
    I have suddenly awakened at night, gasping for breath
    I toss and turn at night
    I have been told that I grind my teeth at night
    I sometimes doze off, or need to stop to nap when driving
    I have trouble concentrating
    I have lost my sex drive
    I have other symptoms that may be related to sleep
    I am concerned enough to do something...
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