Dr. John Kelly

Dr. John Kelly is a cosmetic dentist who has been designing smiles for over 25 years. Impassioned with design and creating aesthetic symmetry, Dr. Kelly has focused on cosmetic dentistry and the art of the smile. Also, being intrigued by the form and function of the face and physiology, he has spent years discovering how to blend these attributes into the smile.

It is not just about teeth for Dr. Kelly. It is more about creating the smile that you thought you could never have, building the smile you deserve, and giving you the confidence to move forward in your life. He believes your smile should help expand your confidence in family circles, social circles, and even your professional career.
He has designed smiles for people close to home in Chicago, across the country, and even overseas. He has worked with people from all professions and all adult ages. He has spoken across the country, is published in textbooks and online, and provides continuing education for like-minded professionals. From speaking, publishing, and educating other professionals he has further mastered his craft and created unique treatments and outcomes.

Now through social media, Dr. Kelly strives to share his vision, and smile design process with millions of people and inspire them to explore the possibilities of a new confident smile.

Our Approach

I know that giving people a smile they are proud of creates confidence and enhances their lives. My goal is to help everyone get the smile they deserve. By providing modern sophisticated dental care, I can deliver this through a streamlined process and produce a predictable result. Every aspect of care is upfront. I help break down the traditional barriers by allowing people to get to know me, giving them options, going over the smile design process, and then letting everyone know the associated costs.  All of this can be done before ever having to step into the office.

A Unique Chicago Dentist

As a patient of Dr. Kelly, you will experience general and cosmetic dentistry from a comprehensive diagnostic perspective.

Dr. Kelly will address your dental concerns, and how they may affect your overall health, function and facial aesthetics. Rather than fixing isolated problems, you can expect us to look at the whole mouth, to develop a treatment plan that establishes a beginning and an end, for longer-lasting stability. Communication and planning play a key role in truly successful, long-term dental solutions. You’ll remain informed, and an active participant in the dental therapy process.


Dr. Kelly has been practicing on the northwest side of the city of Chicago for over 25 years. Over the years he has created a unique knowledge base in smile design, facial development, and jaw function. Combining these different aspects gives him a unique perspective when creating a more confident smile. It isn’t just about teeth. This means he looks at the overall person. Dr. Kelly sees how color, shape, and size, create a healthier, and more beautiful smile. Dr. Kelly is a member of some of the most prestigious groups in cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. He has spoken internationally, as well as locally to his colleagues about smile design and physiology. Dr. Kelly continues to innovate and create a better treatment for a confident smile. Using his extensive experience and aesthetic skill in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kelly has been able to effectively and safely enhance the smiles of thousands of patients. Let his smile design process work for you, correcting almost any dental cosmetic issue.

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