Meet Our Chicago Dental Patients

With the most advanced technology plus his extensive education Chicago dentist Dr. John Kelly offers effective treatment for his patients—from Chicago Invisalign to Chicago teeth whitening and more. Guests at his Edgebrook dental office achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.


Dental Veneer Patient

Meet a patient of Dr. Kelly’s who never liked her smile and discovered great results with porcelain veneers.




Full Mouth Restoration

This Chicago Area dental patient was impressed when her husband noticed that she was “getting younger and younger” with every stage of her full mouth restoration.




Dental Veneer Patient

This Chicago dental patient loved his outstanding results, great communication with “no surprises”, and was so relaxed during the procedure, he fell asleep several times!




Periodontics and Restorative Patient

This Chicago dental patient got her dental health and appearance back under control with expert periodontal treatments, new cosmetic dental work, and education from Dr. Kelly on better oral hygiene.




Neuromuscular and Restorative Patient

This patient suffered from jaw pain, teeth clenching, discolored teeth and recessed gums. Dr. Kelly’s training in neuromuscular therapy paid off with great comfort and a smile that amazed her family.




Periodontal Patient

This Chicago dental patient was pleasantly surprised by the non-invasive treatments she received from Dr. Kelly compared with a previous experience that left her sore, black and blue, and less than satisfactory results.




Neuromuscular Therapy Patient

This Chicago patient suffered from teeth clenching which was gradually affecting her entire mouth. Dr. Kelly’s cutting edge orthotic device and restorative treatments brought this patient’s mouth into a more comfortable, attractive condition.


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