Mouthguards Chicago

Chicago dentist Dr. Kelly has harnessed his advanced knowledge of physiology as well as his extensive experience with professional and amateur athletes to create mouthguards that enhance overall performance. No matter your athletic level, your choice dentist in Chicago is Dr. Kelly.

Featuring QANS Physiologic Custom Mouthwear with Your Chicago Dentist

Chicago dentist Dr. Kelly and his partner Dr. Jeff Hindin have created QANS mouthguards Chicago. The key to the QANS mouthpiece is the physiologic bite and unique design. The custom-fitted design of these performance mouthguards can provide a positive autonomic nervous system response, increased muscle recruitment, an opened airway, and dental-oral protection. QANS mouthguards Chicago provide greater protection and increased physiologic gain, thus raising performance. As respiratory needs increase in sports, so does compensation. This means exerting more effort and energy. QANS mouthguards Chicago eliminate or reduce the compensation required to give you increased performance, balance, strength, and endurance—making them high-quality performance mouthguards for today’s winning athletes. For your custom-made performance mouthguard, contact your Chicago dentist Dr. Kelly. A dentist in Chicago, Dr. Kelly is available for team fittings on site, as well as individual fittings in office. Make an appointment with your Chicago dentist today.

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