Invisalign Chicago – The Kelly Technique

Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. Kelly is a Chicago Invisalign preferred provider. His unique technique of Invisalign treatment opens your airway while moving teeth forward to the optimal position to create a perfect smile!

Invisalign Chicago with your Chicago cosmetic dentist

Most Chicago dentists and orthodontists will take models of your mouth, a series of photos of your teeth and some x-rays. They then send this information to the Invisalign company and await its suggested treatment plan.

Almost all of these lab-fabricated treatment plans can retract and displace the patient’s teeth, thus affecting the face and airway. Yet, these plans are taken as the ideal, and are used as the basis for treatment. Some dentists will then further pull back the teeth, jaw and face by adding elastics.

Your Chicago dentist Dr. Kelly uses Invisalign technology differently. He does not adhere to the computer-generated, cookie-cutter protocol sent out by technicians.

Instead, he manipulates the Invisalign program to move teeth forward, move the face forward, and open the airway. Not all Invisalign certified doctors are the same. At our Chicago dental practice, Invisalign is a clear braces technique, not a product.

Contact our office to learn more about our effective approach to giving you the smile you’ve always wanted, while preserving, and even improving your health. Make an appointment for Invisalign Chicago with your Chicago dentist today.

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