Worn Teeth Treatment with Your Chicago Dentist

In Chicago worn teeth treatment is a call away. Dr. John Kelly, a cosmetic dentist in Chicago, restores chipped, worn or broken teeth by tackling the root causes.

Chipped, Worn or Broken Teeth Restoration with Your Chicago Cosmetic Dentist

Like treads on a tire, as we age, some natural wear and tear on the teeth is often assumed to be “normal.” However, this isn’t the case. Our diets have changed radically in the last few decades, and with the number of soft and processed foods we consume today, there is no real reason for our teeth to show excessive wear. Most cases of heavy wear we see in Chicago dental patients today is the result of an improper bite. When the jaw is at rest in the proper position, the teeth are designed to be slightly together. The lower jaw is by nature loose, and needs to be stabilized by bringing the teeth together to allow for swallowing. While we are chewing, no matter how fast we chew, the teeth will not actually come in contact with each other. The muscles of the jaw know precisely when to open just before the teeth touch. This is what causes a hard particle in your food to startle you!

Clenching and Grinding Treatment with Your Chicago Cosmetic Dentist

The only real cause of severe tooth wear is para-function. Para-function is the action of teeth against teeth to clench or grind. This large amount of force generated by clenching or grinding often happens during sleep—mostly during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) part of the sleep cycle. In many cases, this clenching and grinding is due to a lack airway and the clench and grind is our body’s way to keep the airway open. This wear also occurs during the day as a conscious dysfunctional adaptation to breathe better. At Dr. Kelly’s Edgebrook dental office, Chicago worn teeth treatment consists of restoring the worn or chipped teeth with crowns or other methods. However this treatment takes into account the underlying cause of the disharmony. If the root problem is not addressed, the new restorations done by any cosmetic dentist in Chicago will eventually become worn or chipped as well. In addition, if the restorations are made improperly, the force of the muscles could actually destroy the bone that holds the teeth in place over time. This can cause receding gums and loose or missing teeth. With your Chicago cosmetic dentist, you can restore your teeth for a winning smile. Make an appointment today with your Chicago dentist.

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