Chicago Neck Pain, Face Pain or Shoulder Pain

Your Chicago dentist Dr. John Kelly offers the most advanced neuromuscular dentistry to treat Chicago face, neck or shoulder pain.

Your Chicago Dentist Treats Muscle Aches and Pains

The muscles of the head and neck all have a part in the turning of the head, chewing, talking and breathing. Overworked jaw muscles depend on other muscles for assistance. They place additional strain on the muscles that support your head, shoulders and back, resulting in a lack of balance, which can cause pain.

The Link Between Teeth And Muscle Aches and Pain

If you are a Chicago neck pain or shoulder pain sufferer, you may have sought treatment from physicians, chiropractors and neurologists without success. That’s because they may not have dealt with an underlying cause of your Chicago face, neck, or shoulder pain: your teeth. As we age, many people discover that their teeth have been ground down and have diminished in size, lost due to accident or dental disease, or reshaped by trauma or decay. When the integrity of your teeth has been compromised, your jaw is not able to rest in a naturally relaxed position. This causes tension in the muscles in the jaw, and may result in a seemingly unrelated pain that you may be experiencing. By restoring your proper bite, a dentist in Chicago can return the jaw to its natural position, therefore alleviating the pain. Finally there’s relief for Chicago neck pain or shoulder pain with neuromuscular dentistry.

To treat your muscle aches and pains, make an appointment today with your Chicago dentist, Dr. John Kelly.

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