Dental Implants Chicago: The Digital Difference

Dr. John Kelly, a Chicago dentist, is an expert in the latest dental implant technology. At his Edgebrook dental office, you can achieve a better smile with digitally directed dental implants.

Digitally directed implants are based on a CAT scan of your mouth. This 3D image is taken while you wear a scanning appliance that replicates any missing teeth. The CAT scan image is then placed within very precise computer software to create digital surgical guides, the key to our top-of-the-line implants. With this advanced technology and reliable results, there’s no denying digitally directed dental implants are just better.

dental-implants-chicagoDental Implants Chicago: Accurate.

Other surgical guides are designed using a model of your mouth. A best-guess sort of scenario, they make inferences about the underlying bone and soft tissue. But digital surgical guides with your Chicago dentist are designed using the latest treatment planning software and advanced 3-D imaging to replace missing teeth with pinpoint accuracy.

Dental Implants Chicago: Less surgery.

Because of its superior accuracy, digitally directed dental implants replace missing teeth with up to 75% less surgery, no incisions or stitches, and a shorter recovery time—with your Chicago dentist, you can get back to your active Chicago lifestyle sooner.

Dental Implants Chicago: Minimum discomfort.

Most digital dental implant patients react with less postoperative swelling, pain or bruising discomfort and sensitivity. This means before you know it, you’ll be eating the foods you love.

Dental Implants Chicago: Beautiful cosmetics.

The digital experience produces Chicago dental implants with long-term function and the predictable outcome you’ve been dreaming of: a stunning smile! If you are looking into replacing your missing teeth, make an appointment with your Chicago dentist Dr. Kelly to find out more about digitally directed implants.

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