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Dental Veneers are very thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored material to cover the front surface of teeth, improving their color, shape, and size. They just might be the perfect way to give you your dream smile!

“I think so highly of your practice that I have referred my boyfriend and my best friend. Like me, they will not go anywhere else.”

Annette, Chicago, IL

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Dental Veneer Q&A

Q: What are the benefits of dental veneers?

A: Redesigning your smile with veneers can create a radiant, perfect smile.

  • Having teeth unencumbered by the appearance of crookedness, persistent stains or visible damage can make one look younger and healthier.
  • An attractive smile can dramatically improve one’s confidence level.
  • Greeting people in social and professional situations can be much more comfortable – like on Zoom calls!

Q: Are dental veneers the right solutions for anyone with a cosmetic dental issue?

A: There are many options to achieve the same goal – to have a natural radiant smile. Veneers is one of them, but not always the right one.

  • Before dental veneers are applied, we must ensure that the targeted teeth and surrounding gum tissue are healthy. Teeth will also be thoroughly cleaned and plaque/tartar removed at our office. Those with dental issues such as infection may require treatment before veneers are installed.
  • Veneers come in many shades and are matched to the current color of your teeth. If you plan on having undergoing teeth whitening, it would be best to wait.
  • If you clench or grind your teeth, we may recommend other options since this habit can cause them to veneers to chip and break.
  • To apply the sculpted veneer to your tooth’s surface, enamel will have to be permanently removed. This cannot be reversed, and patients should understand the process before proceeding.

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Are you a good candidate
for veneers?

Is your gum line uneven, giving the appearance of your teeth being too short?

Are your Teeth crowded, crooked or spaced out?

Are your Teeth chipped?

Are your Teeth stained, discolored beyond where whitening might help?

The treatment

Design of a Smile:
4 Easy Steps

Step 1:  photos, impressions, smile test drive

Step 2: fit with temporary veneers for about 2 weeks.  unique step lets patients try out their new smile.

Step 3: Dr. Kelly fits you with  permanent veneers.

Step 4: Final photos,  bite and fit adjustments

“Dr.Kelly and his staff are amazing. Always up on the latest dental trends. Kind, helpful and caring. Dr.Kelly will make you at ease for any procedure needed!”

Marge, Chicago, IL

Beautiful Design Does make A Beautiful Life!

Using his extensive experience and aesthetic skill in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kelly has been able to effectively and safely enhance the smiles of hundreds of patients. Let his smile design process work for you, correcting almost any dental cosmetic issue.


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