Child Sleep Apnea and Snoring in Chicago

Looking for a Chicago pediatric sleep apnea specialist? Chicago dentist Dr. John Kelly has extensive education and experience that uniquely qualifies him to help determine if your child may have a sleep breathing disorder.

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Child Sleep Apnea Chicago

Children are not small adults and to treat them as such when it comes to sleep apnea and snoring is wrong. Identification of sleep problems in children is important because a growing body of evidence suggests a link between sleep disorders and physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Children with neurodevelopmental problems, learning differences or behavior problems may be at heightened risk for child sleep apea and snoring, or other child sleep problems, compared with the general pediatric population.

Child Sleep Apnea Treatment Chicago with Your Chicago Dentist

In contrast to adults, most pediatric patients are not obese, boys and girls are equally affected, and some children present with daytime attentional or behavioral problems rather than overt sleepiness.  Your Chicago dentist Dr. Kelly is uniquely qualified to help determine if your child may have a sleep breathing disorder. Currently he is a consultant with Lurie Children’s Hospital Pediatric Sleep Center. He has also had advanced education in case studies about children that have sleep breathing related disorders. His recognition of these sleep and airway dysfunctions allows the children to be treated with a network of doctors.

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