Chicago Therapy for Sleep Breathing Disorders

Chicago dentist Dr. Kelly offers the most advanced therapy for sleep breathing disorders, from Chicago sleep apnea treatment to snoring therapy.

Sleep Disorders Treatment Chicago

Sleep-related breathing disorders are characterized by disruptions of normal breathing patterns that only occur during sleep. Therefore, the person with the disorder may be the last to know he or she has a problem. Sleep-related breathing disorders include many other disorders such as insomnia (difficulty sleeping), hypersomnias (inappropriately falling asleep, narcolepsy), parasomnias (activities during sleep, i.e., sleepwalking or sleep texting, and sleep terrors), and sleep-related movement disorders (restless leg syndrome). The most common sleep related breathing disorders are snoring and sleep apnea. Find out how your Chicago dentist treats sleep-related breathing disorders in adults and children. For effective Chicago sleep apnea treatment visit our Edgebrook dental office.

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