Want to restore your self‑confidence?

How you replace a missing tooth could mean the difference between smiling, eating and speaking with confidence and … well … not.

Dental implants can give you the security you’ve been craving. What is more, it can help prevent the debilitating bone loss that often accompanies a missing tooth – dental implants are clearly one of the best long-term dental solutions!

“Needing upper front implants, Dr. Kelly exceeded all of my expectations. I felt particularly comfortable in the way he thoroughly explained every step from beginning to end.”

Charlie, Chicago, IL

The implant

Core technology that can perform miracles for your bite and smile…

A titanium post is surgically implanted into the jaw just below the gum line. This allows the dentist to mount replacement teeth or a bridge without having to anchor it to your real the teeth.

The implant will actually fuse with the jawbone so that artificial teeth, dentures or bridges mounted on the implant will remain stable.

You will need healthy gums and adequate bone to support an implant. If the bone is too soft or thin, you may require a bone graft.

How it works

Dr. Kelly manages your implant
procedure to maximize results…

If you are missing a single tooth an implant and a customized crown can fix the problem.

A titanium screw is surgically implanted into the jaw bone. This acts as a permanent replacement for the missing root.

We then can add a crown that has been customized to exactly fit the look of your other teeth in shape and color.

Once the implant and crown are in, you can be sure they are solid and secure. You can smile again.

A message from Dr. Kelly about Dental Implants

Are you a good candidate for implants? Anyone who is missing a single tooth or has a decayed tooth is certainly a candidate for this procedure.

Other factors include having healthy gums free of periodontal disease, being old enough that the jaw has stopped growing and you should also have enough bone to support and anchor the implant.

If you don’t have enough bone, a graft can be done or an implant might be recommended to prevent further bone loss. Smoking or alcoholism are risk factors for an adverse outcome.

I invite you to come in for brief consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for a dental implant.  Thank you!

John Kelly, DDS

Owner, John Kelly, DDS

“Dr.Kelly and his staff are amazing. Always up on the latest dental trends. Kind, helpful and caring. Dr.Kelly will make you at ease for any procedure needed!”

Marge, Chicago, IL

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